Your only limit is your mind: you are a divine being! (2023)

Your only limit is your mind: you are a divine being! (1)

“The mind is a powerful force. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy. Learn to use power wisely." –David Cuschieri

What if they told you that the power to create all the changes that happen around you has always been fundamental to you?We often fear adversity and negative results without understanding the reality where they come from.

It is nothing but the power of the Universal Mind. We are not entirely at the mercy of a God who controls the events of everything that happens in this world. In fact, it is through us that this great power operates every day.

What we say, think and believe is what manifests the reality that surrounds us. Recognizing the unlimited potential of this reservoir is man's greatest challenge. Yes, we are divine beings.

This article contains excerpts from the work and teachings ofernesto holmes. An elaborate explanation of it can be found in his book “Creative Mind”.

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Mind: the architect of destiny

Unfortunately, very few people realize the true meaning of the expression to which we refer."Masters of our destiny".The fact that human beings are capable of intelligent thinking is the reason why we can manipulate our imaginations, question and reason with everything we have learned and chart our own course.

○ The falsehood of the dual mind

Your only limit is your mind: you are a divine being! (2)

The dual mind concept has destroyed man's understanding of himself and everything around him.The mind is a universal unit and we are all intelligence centers that think things.

This is thelaw of life, and the mind is always reflecting whatever thought is put into it. As soon as we pass this control to an external entity, we end up creating a division.This is because the mind is an indivisible whole and to contradict this reality is to oppose the law itself.

The problem is thatwe think in the mind only with limitations, according to our restricted thoughts and our physical environment.However, the mind is all-knowing and omniscient, seeking neither to dissect nor to analyze, but only knows what is given to it.

Our thoughts in force through this "One" or whatever name we choose to give it is what produces all our affairs. The belief that an external force predestines everything is nothing more than our subconscious giving the mind power to act.

○ Ignorance of our divine nature

By saying that"It has been done to us as we believe"we are not putting ourselves at the mercy of anything outside of ourselves except our belief. The source of all our sorrows and joys, the smallest point of the gigantic mountains is nothing more than the creation of our own mind.

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When we believe that something exists, the mind has no choice but to listen, since it does not see itself as a power separate from us.Whether we see this universal infinite power as mind, God, or any other force, it is only One. Since it is a unity, we cannot be separated from it, for it must act through us.

By saying this, man must understand that he has to share the divinity of everything that created him and everything else.SoChello seeabundance in naturearound us and in the power that creates everything, but are we limited?

Unless we first recognize this great power and abundance within us, we will continue to manifest from a place of scarcity. Once we understand that we are the center of all this divine activity, we realize that freeing ourselves from the good vibrations has always been our choice.

○ The Universal Law of Manifestation

Your only limit is your mind: you are a divine being! (3)

When we believe that our only limit is our mind, we are suggesting that the mind is not influenced by anything other than our thoughts. This means that our thoughts become the law of our lives.

The power of this thought to manifest anything and everything into reality is as strong as God's plan of creation in the grand scheme of life. This mind does not see labels of good or bad, orpositive or negative; he only creates what becomes known to him. This is the Universal Law of Manifestation unknown to most people.

The nature of this law does not require us to believe, but with positive thinking, things will come into being.The Great Power or Divine source in which we believe is always at hand, waiting to be recognized and used by us.

When we send our thought into being, what we believe is done for us. The person who ignores this law will forever be limited by the self-imposed restrictions of an unlimited creative mind.

The power to destroy all negative thoughts that we wish not to manifest and keep what we would like to see has always been available to us.

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The world is yourself thrown out

“It is your wonderful human imagination that is God” –Neville Goddard.

Everything within this world is nothing more than our own projected consciousness. Our refusal to see that we already are everything we want to be is our biggest mistake.

○Belief creates reality

The ability to assume a reality and believe in its existence is such a powerful force that it cannot be prevented from becoming a fact. All we need to do is know and believe what we want and thenbutthis for ourselves.

Every aspect of the reality we live in arises from the beliefs we hold.Our external world is a reflection of whether we believe in an abundant and complete reality or a scarce and limited reality. Our ideas of success, money, death, disease, etc. form the beliefs that dictate our lives.

Recognizing that ourConsciousness is the only reality.means we understandpower to changeour beliefs and therefore everything around us has always been a choice. With this new conception of ourselves, we automatically change the world in which we live.

○No external power

Your only limit is your mind: you are a divine being! (4)

No external force can interfere or contradict this law because that would mean that thedivine power that is operatingthrough all of us is not a complete unity.

The demolition of all the thoughts and beliefs that we have had that keep us from this truth will set us free. We are one with a sound mind, which means we are one with God. Once we recognize this truth, it becomes functional in our lives.

No external power is at stake, but our own word, which is the very path of life.We have already been given all the power to experience anything we desire with the word we think, hear, and speak.

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So reality is not something manipulated by an external force, rather it is just a matter of the universe and the mind in mental correspondence.

○ Life itself is God

"Life itself is God and all action is manifested with God"– Jidu Krishnamurti.

If anyone were to understand this truth, it would bestop seeing life as a cause of fear and suffering.The religions and philosophies of the world condition us to see life from a distorted and one-dimensional perspective.

However, life is nothing more than the manifestation of the same divinity that created it. If we learn to trust it and see it exactly that way, the illusion that there is something beyond our control will be instantly shattered.

The power of your mind is not just limited to your personal growth or the few minutes of meditation you practice each day.Life itself is a continuous meditation, and everything we think and talk about is what sets it off.

Recognizing this divinity in everything and seeing it as a homogeneous whole is the greatest power that can be known.

The divinity of infinite mind in a nutshell

Man can never become known for his divine nature and power unless he unlocks the full potential of the mind. Not doing so means that we will continue to live from a very limited perspective of an infinitely creative mind.

The ability to dominate all external conditions, to live above the environment and to remain calm in the midst of chaos is nowhere else than in man's own thinking. Such a person then automatically becomes the magnet for all the good that must gravitate towards him, because he has found power not in the world outside of him but within himself.

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The person who learns this truth reflects the ray of divinity in a mortal body. The Universe has no choice but to see such an individual as a teacher and do with him what he believes.


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