Top 11 YouTube Car Channels - Expert Opinion - 1A Auto (2023)

Top 11 YouTube Car Channels - Expert Opinion - 1A Auto (1)

YouTube offers an ever-expanding universe of automotive fun. From catering professionals to garden experts like myself, there is something for everyone. I subscribed to exactly 122 YouTube car channels. Do you know how much automotive content is to digest on a regular basis? I literally drown in videos as tears of joy stream down my cheeks and into my popcorn.

Today I am going to share with you my top 11 car channels on YouTube. Coincidentally, "11" is about the same number of miles I've loggedMi Impala 1964in 21 years... but that's another story for another day.

As you dance through this list, you're sure to come across a few surprises. For example,engine trenddid not make the list. Sure, they have 1.7 billion views on YouTube, 5 million subscribers, and over 2,000 absolutely amazing videos. you also havehit by a car. But they also stopped making YouTube content as I wrote this and it made me quite cranky, so my once favorite YouTube car channel just didn't qualify for my "Top 11" list. Alright, let's go to the list:


The Hagerty Insurance YouTube channel is great for two very specific reasons. The first is Tom Cotter. This boy is great. He is a gifted author and has written several books on automotive barn finds. I've read them all and you probably should too. "The cobra in the barn“, „The Hemi in the barn“, „The Corvette in the barn', And some others. Just google it. He is an old car expert and basically drives across America, finds old cars left behind in barns and then writes about and documents the finds on Hagerty's YouTube channel. He is short, dusty and amazing.

The second reason is that Hagerty has some amazing videos on rebuilding time-lapse engines. I can't stress enough how much you need to see this. They have time lapse videos foran SBC, an old Firedome Hemi, air cooledVW-Motor, AFlachkopf Ford V8, And some others. Look at her now. Send me thank you emails later.


Be warned: there is some "adult" language in the videos on this channel. All the words are said in jest, but it is what it is. If you prefer a "purer" channel, skip this one. That caveat aside, "AvE" is an acronym for "Arduino Vs. Diabolical".

This channel isn't specifically a car channel, but the topics translate well enough to the automotive world to include it. The premise of this channel is an exceptionally smart guy with a heavy Canadian accent taking apart tools and household items and dictating how they are built. In doing so, it also determines what makes them perform well or poorly, and often modifies them to exceed their performance limit. You know more about plastics, machining, and electrical engineering than anyone should. so heRelay... (heh, electric joke) the information to the viewer in a really simplified way. I'll go ahead and just say, "This is officially the best YouTube channel ever!" That's it. Now you know.

1A Automatic

Know1AAuto.combelongs to the list. you can't just findcarefullyin some of the how-to videos on this channel, but the myriad of auto repair videos featured on this channel are nowhere to be found. Nearly 6,000 videos on over 250 different cars and trucks with over 300 million views! If you need to replace just about every part in a car, out of every car channel on YouTube, you can probably find an how-to video here.

(Video) How a Car Works Trailer


The production quality of the videos on this channel is as good, if not better, than an actual movie that you would pay money to see in a theater. I can't imagine the effort that goes into creating the videos for this channel, but they document stories of automotive passion that will make you feel, feelings you didn't even know you had in your body. One of my favorite solo videos of all time is on this particular channel. Is called "Building the Ferrari of your dreams is a beautiful thing“. If you're feeling totally caught up in Game of Thrones, watching every video on Petrolicious's YouTube channel is time well spent.


You can't talk about automotive content on YouTube without talking about 1320. This car channel is all about real world drag racing with no compromises. There are over 1,700 videos of drag racing on the track and on the street. It's real, fast and fun to watch.

Speaking of which, street racing is irresponsible and dangerous. Do not do it. Support your local circuit to keep it in business for you and future generations. That will be today's public announcement.

sloppy mechanics

This guy named Matt started documenting his automotive projects in his garage and called it Sloppy Mechanics. He may seem sloppy when you first watch a video, but the reality is that Matt is an extremely talented gearbox who knows how to build and tune engines better than the vast majority of people/professionals. Through his videos, he learns and shares that you use it. You really don't have to spend a billion dollars on shiny stuff to build a powerful engine. Some performance parts just don't matter.

He made over 1000 horsepower out of an engine he pulled out of a pickup truck at the junkyard. In short, Hot Rodding is still alive and well, and Matt has proven that about 100 times. If he is considering amodern V8 change throughout(especially an LSx), you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not subscribing to the Sloppy Mechanics channel.

bad obsession motoring

"Project Binky" is all you need to remember. This channel reports on the multi-year build of a turbo-celica-powered, four-wheel-drive Mini Cooper rally car known as "Project Binky." The entire series takes place in a garage somewhere in England and could be wrong by at least 2 continents. In any case, the two guys running this awesome mini-build are in hysterics. There are subtle references to Leslie Nielsen's movies, and the attention to detail in his metalwork will make you sick (in a good way). Truly one of the best "build threads" I've ever seen. Definitely worth binge-watching.

(Video) The World's Most Insane Car! Lamborghini Vision GT

Toms' Turbogarage

You'll never see more organized vehicle building than on Tom's Turbo Garage YouTube channel. If you think that your project cars are neat under the hood, then you are simply wrong. You don't even know what clean construction is until you see Tom at work. He shows her how to do everything right while he keeps his life in the garage in order. Look at his"lightning projectLS3 traded Miata video series and it will change your life. This channel/content is not only extremely well produced, educational and entertaining, but Tom is a really great guy. EVERYONE loves Tom. I have spoken to him several times on automotive forums and many of my friends know him personally because, like me, he is an old school 4G63 turbo enthusiast.

Check out his channel and help me figure out how the heck he keeps his garage so clean. Seriously, I have no idea.

los Hoonigan

Ever wish you had a huge warehouse full of 20 of your closest Gearhead friends? Have you ever dreamed of having dozens of race/project cars and a personal parking lot where you can make smoked donuts non-stop? This channel is basically all of that, on video. Other motorists visit Hoonigan's garage. They talk about the crazy cars they drive, then make smoked donuts in the parking lot and drive off like everything is normal. Oh! One other thing: This channel has interviews of automotive people with beer. It's super casual and fun to watch the biggest names in the auto industry lose their guard over a pint of beer and a casual interview.

handmade cars

Granted, I haven't researched this channel at all, but I have no idea how the heck they do what they do. This channel documents vintage car restoration from start to finish. A video corresponds to a complete restoration of the car. You have to see it to believe it. I don't know how it is possible to make the videos at this speed because restoring a car takes a long time. It must be a large restoration shop, or perhaps many small shops that film crews visit. Honestly, no, I don't know. But the videos are great and I love seeing old rusty cars like new again.

Rescue of hand tools.

Bet you didn't know that people restore old tools like they were old cars. they. This is real life. The Hand Tool Rescue YouTube channel documents tool restoration in a fascinating way. You will see the starting point, which often includes faulty/missing parts, as well as damage from decades ago. Then you see the disassembly and assembly and finally the finished product that does exactly what the tool is supposed to do. It can be any tool, from a handsaw to a claw hammer. Watch a video from this channel and try not to get hooked. It is impossible.

THIS IS A WRAPPING! Oh wait a minute. A few other YouTube car channels also deserve an honorable mention for providing me with entertainment and knowledge.

Here you are:

Finnegans Garage

(Video) Car Engine Parts & Their Functions Explained in Details | The Engineers Post

New York Ammunition



popular fashion

Deboss Garage


They are all winners.

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