My wish list of guest characters for Injustice 3 (2023)

Those are the guests that I think would bring an interesting shine to this series and would be likable.

This list is in ascending order with least liked at the bottom and most liked at the top.

  • 1. Goku

    Yeah yeah, I know Ed Boon himself poured cold water on this, but this is my list. For his weapon or other accessory from his gear set (assuming Injustice 2's gear system is retained), he would have it as a power pole, even though he never used it as an adult.

    Character strength/power (O on PS, E on Xbox): O/E + Guest D-pad for Super Saiyan, O/E + Down for Super Saiyan God, O/E + Towards for Super Saiyan Blue.

  • 2. The man

    It was introduced in a crossover event to the Injustice comic series... so a possible sign of things to come?

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 3. Power Ranger Verde

    Tommy Oliver (with gears changing him for different iterations, Green Power Ranger (MMPR season 1), White Ranger (MMPR season 2), Red Zeo, etc.) Though I've seen him and other Power Ranger related characters in people on I want lists for the Mortal Kombat series, I must respectfully disagree with putting any PR character (who was always intended for a child audience) in any MK game. However, PR (since it's a superhero franchise) would fit the T-rated Injustice series quite well.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 4. Command Captain

    Considering he was Capcom's original mascot (and also a game of Capcom's own name), it would be nice to see him make the leap from his last fighting game appearance, in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, and cross paths with Fight with DC superheroes. universe. Other suitable guests from Capcom, if Captain Command isn't Capcom's representative, would be Mega-man or Viewtiful Joe. His weapon/accessory would be his belt. (Similar to Batman and the Atom)

    Character Power/Traits:

  • (Video) Injustice 3 Guest Character Wishlist

    5. Robocop

    Dead or alive, Warner Bros. will take you on ^_^. Seriously, it would fit the bill, since the Injustice-verse is a darker take on the DC universe and the Robocop franchise as a whole is a darker take on the superhero genre.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 6. Juiz Dredd

    It would be interesting if a guest character was pro-regime as a nice contrast to most of the other characters who were pro-insurgency/Batman.

    Character Trait/Power: Lawbringer versions with W/E directions + D-pad.

  • 7. Neo

    It should be noted that Neo was considered a guest character in Injustice 2 and The Matrix is ​​owned by Warner Bros. His fighting style would likely include weapons (lots of weapons) as well as some degree of telekinesis.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 8. Wild Dragon

    If Spawn couldn't make an appearance, perhaps this character from the Image comics could be his representative. Considering that he serves as the Hulk's equivalent in Image, perhaps some moves could be made that pay homage to the Hulk's moves in the MVC series.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 9. Spawn

    Yeah, I know it's in MK11, but who says it can't be in one of the Injustice games too? His weapon/accessory would be his cape and chains.

    (Video) Mortal Kombat & Injustice 3 - TOP 5 Guest Character Wishlist!

    Character Traits/Powers:

  • 10. Space Ghost

    It's worth noting that Warner Bros. features DC and Hanna-Barbera comics, and Space Ghost and other Hanna-Barbera characters appeared in certain crossover comics (of which Space Ghost specifically was in a crossover with the Green Lanterns).

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 11. Leukocytic

    Buffy Summers would be a nice addition to the Injustice game list. The fact that this series could continue in comic book form, first with Dark Horse and then with Boom Studios, makes it only fitting if he could trade blows with some of DC's superheroes and supervillains. The fact that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a main draw for Warner Bros.' own WB Network (now the CW) could certainly ease negotiations a bit.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 12. Snake eyes

    From the G.I. Joe. While some people may complain that a hypothetical moveset for Snake-Eyes would simply be a close copy of Deathstroke, however, it could be unique in two ways: Snake-Eyes would not have any weapons at all (and would instead use shuriken and grenades) and could have any of the Joes call for assistance, similar to how Leonardo could call the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for assistance.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 13. butcher

    Billy Butcher from Garth Ennis' "The Boys," which was adapted into the Amazon Studios TV series of the same name, would be well-suited for an Injustice game. As a guy who creates killer superheroes, as long as the latter part heavily expands on his native series, it would certainly be an interesting contrast to characters from the DC universe and especially those who are part of the Injustice-verse Regime, of which he is certainly reminiscent of Homelander and the rest of the Seven from "The Boys."

    Character Trait/Power: Temporary super power boost.

  • 14. Aang
    (Video) TOP 5 INJUSTICE 3 *GUEST* Characters We Need To See! | Injustice (Wishlist)

    Well the Nickelodeon-owned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared in Injustice 2, maybe Nick and WB could work on another arrangement for the guest character in Injustice 3. As for the particular iteration of Aang, I'd say I'd like it to be her adult form from the Legend of Korra flashback sequences. His collapsible glide staff would make an interesting accessory weapon/piece of gear.

    Character Trait/Power: Avatar State

  • 15. Ben 10

    As long as Warner Bros. owns Cartoon Network, it wouldn't be too much of a problem to get the rights to Ben Tennyson in an Injustice game.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 16. The tick

    He could be a rather good-natured joke character that could lighten the mood in the likely dark atmosphere of Injustice 3 (if it's anything like the other games).

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 17. Yoshimitsu

    More specifically the Tekken series. While he's not a superhero, he certainly could be classified as a vigilante, especially when you consider that he acts like some sort of ninja-style Robin Hood. It would be weird and a lot of fun to see how this eccentric ninja stands out from DC's darker characters.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 18. Skullomania

    Considering he's a self-proclaimed superhero (inspired more by Kamen Rider than DC and Marvel), he'd be a fitting addition to an Injustice game.

    Character Power/Traits:

    (Video) My Injustice 3 Guest Characters Wishlist (For @superheroesboyfan2748)

  • 19. To Fox

    I've seen jokes about a character owned by Archie comics appearing on the back cover of Injustice, so I propose a character who is a legitimate superhero. Of course he's dark, but I'm sure the NRS could make him an interesting fighter.

    His weapon or accessory would have to be his magical staff that he uses.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 20.Liu Kang

    Not that I'm demanding a MK guest, but I wouldn't mind Liu Kang and Reptile.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 21. reptile

    Not that I'm demanding an MK guest, but I wouldn't mind Reptile and/or Liu Kang if they were hypothetically one or two.

    Character Power/Traits:

  • 22. Goliath

    I hope Jordan Peele can work his magic so that the Disney spell is broken and the Gargoyles franchise CAN LIVE AGAIN! ^_^Okay, even so, I'm aware that there's little chance he'll be in an Injustice game due to that franchise being owned by Disney's direct competitor, Warner Bros. tail decoration (similar to the one Cheetah has ).

    However, the creator of the Gargoyles series, Greg Weisman, has made some rumors about the return and continuation of the series as part of the Disney+ streaming service, which makes it likely that Disney will want to license any Gargoyles character. (if at all) a much more expensive deal than Warners. Bros would be willing to pay.

    Character Power/Traits:

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