Microsoft Store App Awards 2023 Winners Announced! (2023)

We're excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Microsoft Store App Awards! This year, we're pleased to recognize apps and developers in two groups of awards: the Microsoft Store Community Choice Awards, featuring apps nominated by the community, and the Microsoft Store Editor's Choice Awards, presented by Microsoft. We were amazed at the overwhelming number of nominations for the Community Choice Awards. It's absolutely energizing for us to see our community flourish, and it's reflected in your interest in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Community Rewards

This year, we're asking our community to nominate and vote for their favorite apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows. Thank you for participating and helping us recognize these great apps! Windows wouldn't be the same without you! We have 5 different prize categories, so let's see the winners!

We were really impressed with the wide range of technologies used and the exceptional teams behind them. These teams come in all shapes and sizes, from individual developers, distributed projects, open source projects to larger companies, proving thatany team can create unusual, surprising and practical applications, regardless of size or type. Windows is an open platform, and the apps chosen by our community reflect that. Thank you!

Category Utilities and Utilities

The Utilities and Utilities category includes applications designed to make your life easier when performing a variety of tasks that you may need every day. This includes computer management, workflow task simplification, and much more.

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The community has spoken, so congratulations to the winner of the Utilities and Tools category:¡Torrex!

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productivity category

The apps in this category are designed to help you stay focused and get things done. They can include to-do lists, note-taking apps, time-management tools, and much more.

Congratulations to the winner of this category:Mozilla Firefox!

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Audio and video category

These apps are designed to help you manage your audio and video content, whether you create it yourself or simply organize your downloaded or purchased media files. This can include media players, libraries, file converters, and more.

Congratulations to the winner in this category, an amazing open source application:VLC!

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creativity category

Creativity apps are designed to help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. These include graphic design tools, modeling software, animation programs, and more.

Congratulations to the winner of this category:sketchable+!

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Personalization Category

These apps are designed to help you personalize and personalize your PC to best suit your needs. This includes changing the appearance of the user interface, enabling more features, creating custom hotkeys and shortcuts, and much more.

This year the community chosevibrant wallpaper! Cheers!

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We are excited and grateful for the community's enthusiastic engagement with these awards. We also pay tribute to the outstanding nominees.

Microsoft Store Editors' Awards

In addition to community voting, we also selected the best apps in the Creativity, Entertainment, Productivity, and Best Windows Integration categories, as well as a special mention. With a huge collection of top-rated apps, the Microsoft Store on Windows continues to grow. These apps have been researched and selected based on user experience, unique design, innovation, creativity, overall quality, and the value they bring to customers.

creativity category

In the creativity category, the Microsoft Store Editor's Choice award goes toDescribe, an innovative app that makes video editing simple by automatically transcribing your recordings so you can easily edit them, just like you edit a Word document. With AI-powered features like "Overdub" (custom text-to-speech synthesis for minor recording adjustments), automatic filler word removal ("uhhs" and "umms"), or "Studio Sound" audio enhancement, Descript can do Just about any recording looks and sounds great, whether it's a business presentation, podcast, or the next viral video sensation.descriptionThe ability to optimize multitrack and complex A/V editing in a new and accessible way makes it our pick for Creativity! Congratulations, Descript, for this well-deserved recognition!

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entertainment category

In the Entertainment category,Amazon Prime Videoapp has been recognized for its exceptional composition and app improvements over the last year. With the recent addition of Arm64 support, this app now helps provide uninterrupted streaming with all-day battery life, and with offline download support, users can now enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows on the go. travel, whether on a plane, train, or elsewhere. adventure. Amazon Prime Video offers a wide variety of incredible content, including hugely popular series like Rings of Power, exciting series like Jack Ryan, hilarious comedies with Ms. Maisel, and even live sports coverage like Thursday Night Football. HeAmazon Prime VideoThe app's commitment to enhancing entertainment has earned it this prestigious recognition. Congratulations,Amazon Prime Videoabout winning a well-deserved award in the Entertainment category!

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productivity category

"Windows" and "Productivity" go hand in hand. For decades, a robust ecosystem of productivity apps on Windows has enabled individuals and businesses alike to realize their ambitions and accomplish extraordinary tasks.conceptsis this year's clear winner in the Productivity category, though in many ways it's an app built on creativity and ingenuity.conceptsuniquely combines an amazing pen experience with vector graphics tools and an infinite canvas; The result is an app that is equally convenient for drawing, writing on a whiteboard, creating mind maps, planning architecture, taking notes, or creating movie scripts. And it's an app that just keeps getting better, this year.conceptsreleased a new free watercolor brush, precision scale and measurement tools, and thoughtful enhancements to keyboard and trackpad functionality for a unique 2-in-1 user experience. , haptic Surface Pen, and more. Congratulations,concepts, for winning a well-deserved distinction in the Productivity category. Your commitment to continuous improvement and native platform excellence is commendable!

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The best integration with Windows

wThe best integration with Windowscategory, an app turned out to be a great example of what's possible on the Windows platform. With the latest version, which has been completely rewritten, this app has taken a step forward and offers a smaller, faster and more visually appealing experience, combined with an impressive range of new features such as picture-in-picture, native Windows notifications, as well as full support for the newVideo calls for 8 peopleI32-person audio calls. Users have been delighted with these improvements and have praised them for their excellent performance and quality. This app's commitment to seamless integration with Windows has earned it a well-deserved award in the competition.The best integration with WindowsCategory. CongratulationsWhatsAppfor this amazing achievement!

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Special recognition

In this year's Special Recognition Award, the app stands out for its outstanding contribution to accessibility. This app has shown an unwavering commitment to supporting the deaf or hard of hearing (HoH) and ensuring their inclusion with very easy to use features and an intuitive interface. We are pleased to announce that Ava Accessibility is a deserving winner of the prestigious Special Recognition Award. CongratulationsAva availabilityfor outstanding achievements and commitment to accessibility for all!

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We are honored to showcase these apps on the Microsoft Store on Windows and would like to congratulate all the winners as well as all the nominees for the 2023 Microsoft Store App Awards. Windows wouldn't be the same without our incredibly strong and thriving ecosystem!

To learn more about what's new in the Microsoft Store,visit this blog post.

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