Big words to sound smart - (2023)

Big words for beautiful


  • Majestic sculptural dignity, grace or beauty
  • Physically beautiful pulcritudinary
  • Magnificently exceptional or astonishingly impressive
  • Strikingly Extraordinarily Attractive, Pleasant, or Impressive
  • Aesthetically relating to or characterized by an appreciation of beauty orintestineKnows well
  • Enchantingly powerful or seductively attractive or charming
  • Exquisitely pleasing through beauty,Physical aptitude, or perfection
  • Enchantingly charming or irresistibly attractive
  • Pleasant with a nice appearance
  • Stay attractive, attractive
  • Attractive with a strong, attractive, or seductive quality
  • Telegenetically very photogenic
  • Resourceful, able to deftly deal with new situations
  • Warn fast or alert
  • Perceptive Having or exhibiting keen mental discernment or keen judgment
  • Insightful and Skilled Canny
  • Expertvery cleverand sometimes smart
  • Intelligent to have, or indicate, a high or satisfactory level of mental functioning
  • Revealing display or characterized by insight
  • Perceptive, able to display keen insight or compassionate understanding
  • Perceptual of keen mental vision or discernment
  • Challenging display of perception and comprehension
  • To know to have knowledge or to show orintelligence
  • Well-informed with extensive knowledge, especially on current topics and events
  • Enlightened broke free from ignorance and misinformation
  • To understand the essence, meaning or understand the meaning of something
  • Examples of big word sentences used in academic writing

    As always, building your vocabulary is all about knowing how to use words correctly. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the pronunciation, but looking at some example sentences can give you a good idea of ​​what to expect.

    • these resultsShowthat rats can be trained to pull a lever if the reward is attractive.
    • The resultsclearlypoint out that fertilizers help plant growth, but can also contribute to environmental pollution.
    • The cats played asignificantimportant in the development of the Internet.
    • despite aabundanceAs for options, the buffet lacked a satisfying selection of chicken nuggets.
    • It turned out to be aadvantageousInvestment of time and money, and the company has developed many new products during this time.
    • there were someimmenselyproblems with this approach.
    • like youinsertWith the text you will learn more about the benefits of olive oil.
    • I found her use of mayonnaise on french fries profound.anomalous.
    • The fashion jacket looks like thisomnipresenton campus I changed into a different outfit.
    • she had apreferencefor dogs with big ears and soft muzzles.

    Not a priority for me right now.

    Saying no can be intimidating as most people find it rude.

    Luckily, there are smart ways to turn something down if you're not interested. One of the best ways to do this is to use the phrase, "That's not a priority for me right now." It's a better option than saying I don't want to, I'm not interested, or just saying no.


    Patrick: Hey Bob! Want to skydive this Sunday?

    Bob: Hello Patrick. Sorry skydiving is not a priority for me right now. Maybe next month when things slow down at work.

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    Big words to sound smart and smart

    Let's get one thing straight first: random learning onlybig words to sound smartdoes not work. Learning long words doesn't automatically make you smarter. Using the words in an inappropriate situation tends to have the opposite effect.

    Know that a fancy word is not always the best word for every situation. But that shouldn't stop you from expanding your vocabulary. Learning new words and using them correctly can improve your communication skills and make your speech more engaging.

    This article outlines some big, fancy words that will not only sound smarter, but will also take your vocabulary to the next level.

    lateral thinking / lateral thinking

    Big words to sound smart - (1)

    Lateral thinking or lateral thinking means tackling a problem with a brilliant idea. It's the mindset where you look for a solution that isn't too obvious or original, but is very effective in dealing with a situation.


    Larry's educational background may not be high, but his lateral thinking makes him a valuable asset to the company.

    One of the best feelings in the world is when you solve a challenging problem through lateral thinking.

    In these tough times, you need to think outside the box to generate extra revenue.

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    fancy word for flattery

    To try:glorification, signifying admiration or excessive praise. Last but not least, this word ranked fifth in thePrepareSurvey Research. Use this term when talking about flattery, such as fans showing their admiration for a musician, artist, or even this list. We hope that now that you've given these beautiful words your admiration, you'll continue testing your vocabulary with ourWord Power-Quiz.

    Use other big words

  • explain explain or clarify something
  • Halcyon is characterized by luck, great success and prosperity.
  • Orphically mystical, oracularly fascinating, enchanting
  • Feeling unwell, physically uncomfortable, or feeling generally unwell
  • Sparkling something intriguing or brilliantly intelligent
  • Exuberance The quality of expressing thoughts and feelings vividly or enthusiastically
  • Quiddity, whatever makes something the way that is the essence
  • Aeonic, lasting for an immeasurable or indefinitely long period of time
  • Coruscar to reflect oremit lightshine in bright rays or flashes
  • Atelophobiathe fear of not doing something right or not being good enough
  • Cimmeriantoo darkor gloomy
  • intransigence the quality or state of inflexible stubbornness
  • Dusk, early evening, twilight
  • proud ordinary
  • Economical Economical
  • Tempting torment or provocation with the sight or promise of something unattainable that excites the senses or desires
  • Provoke no sexual sense means to be sexually arousing
  • Pulcritudinous attractive or handsome
  • A leader, trendsetter or boss
  • equipment accessories
  • Magnanimous, courageous, noble, selfless, or extremely generous
  • Free free or free from liability
  • Perceptual speed to judge
  • Unique, unique, unique, unique
  • oscillator someone who kisses
  • Anomalous deviation or deviation from the norm or rules phenomenal, extraordinary
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    Words that make you sound smarter

    Remember how exciting it was when you were learning to saySupercalifragilisticxpiallegetic? Didn't you feel smart? Just because you're older doesn't mean thatacronymand emojis should be your main form of communication. Because if you want to succeed in life, you need to make an unforgettable first impression.

    Words to add to your vocabulary

    Powerful Vocabulary: English Words That Sound Smart

  • Award:a token of appreciation an honor.Despite receiving numerous awards at Senior Awards Night, Ben is still one of the most humble people I know.
  • Approval:accept something without objection, even if you really don't want to.My grandmother loves ballet and bought us tickets. I really wanted to see the basketball game, but her cute smile finally got me to agree.
  • Fraud:hide someone's true motives to deceive or deceive another person.I was convinced to buy him a new pair of shoes by my partner, even though his mother bought a pair yesterday.
  • camaraderie: Trust between friends who live together, spirit of intimacy.There was a sense of camaraderie among the football team after spending two weeks together at wild camp.
  • Puzzle:a difficult problem.Sounds like you have a little riddle, but that's what happens when you cheat on the test and the teacher figures it out.
  • Idyllic:peaceful, happy, pleasant.The outdoor classroom at our school has an idyllic location as you can see the mountain range and acres of forest from every open window.
  • Perfect:error-free or error-free.Have you ever had that teacher who won't take jobs that aren't clean? There's no way my essays can be that perfect.
  • rumination:thinking about something deeply and in great detail.People who struggle with anxiety tend to ruminate and fixate on their thoughts.
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    Fancy word for reduce or decrease

    To try:calm downwhen you want to talk about the rain subsiding or the pain of your nagging headache finally going away. That's right:calm downmeans to reduce, but using it will expand your sophisticated vocabulary. Are you having fun with these new words? check out thesethesaurus jokesGrammar nerds will like it.

    Big words reveal more than bad manners

    I used to think that the problem was education - that people with less education tried to use big words to indicate that they had more, while more educated people used normal language so as not to distract from their importance.

    But I know a lot of people with Ivy League qualifications and they also use big words unnecessarily, so I don't think the problem seems uneducated. I came to the conclusion that the difference is that people feel insecure about their intelligence.

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    On the other hand, Faux Pasaudacious and Caveat are words that make people sound pretentious.

    NEW YORKA complex vocabulary can make you appear very intelligent to your interlocutors, but new research finds that too many complicated words are being used.

    In a survey of over 1,900 people commissioned byPrepare, 56 percent assume that someone with a complex vocabulary is very intelligent. Nearly four out of five add that using big words makes someone sound even smarter than they could be.

    um... hasbig vocabularycan be important in several ways. For example, it might make people pay attention because they respect you.intelligence. On the other hand, you can use it to reach more people. If you know the terms that sports fans, law enforcement and computer technicians are likely to use, you can communicate effectively with all three groups, Preply's Matt Zajechowski said in a statement.

    So what words can propel you from an average Joe to a resident genius in your social circles? The search finds words like articulate, acknowledgment, brevity, anomaly, and flattery at the top of the list of terms that make a speaker sound smart.

    there is a bigreservaBy using these big complex words you can look up the meaning of the word of your choice! Research found that 58% of adults use words they don't know the meaning ofjust to look smarter. By the way,reservaranked 11th on the list of complex words that make you sound smart. Impressed?

    This matter requires convincing attention

    Big words to sound smart - (2)

    Sometimes using the word ASAP or the phrase ASAP isn't all that exciting. Maybe because the term is overused, or maybe you want to add some smart words to your emails or speech.

    In that case, you can use This matter requires urgent attention. The meaning is similar to ASAP, but the phrase has more urgency and intelligence.


    I need this report by Monday. This subject requires convincing attention.

    Social media sites tend to make you forget things that require compelling attention. It might be a good idea to take a break every now and then.

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    Examples of big word sentences used in creative writing

    Creative writing gives you a little more room to practice your own voice and poetry. Depending on the task, you can turn an adjective into a verb or turn a noun into a descriptor. But it's still worth looking at some sample sentences to get an idea of ​​how it's used before jumping headlong into creativity.

    • The tiara she wore that night wasexotic, glittering with precious stones and polished metals.
    • John used onehugePortion of baked potato.
    • The individual fries had areductioneffect on your hunger.
    • EUthisfinal semester project and I felt a shiver run down my spine.
    • the king was onebenevolentFührer.
    • He has done manynegligiblethings in the name of science.
    • The way he threw away the whole pizza was realnegligibleLei.
    • As much as we loved him, we had issues with him.realPersonality when he couldn't assert himself.
    • We always asked her for advice because she was so goodacumenon relationship issues.
    • Talking to her is always like thissparkling wineI feel like I'm becoming a better person with every conversation.

    Spanish words that will make you sound smart

    I'm Paulísima from Spring Spanish, and today I'm going to teach you 5 Spanish words that will make you sound smart while talking to native speakers!

    Let's say you want to spice up your Spanish and sound a little more sophisticated than average. These words are perfect for you! Let's start with a word that I'm sure you love the concept that the word itself represents, even if you don't know it.

    Maybe you like it:Em N for Texas

    Great words for conversations

    Sometimes all you need is one word to describe the mood or the moment. There are times whenFelizorsadI just don't feel right Fortunately, you have a million words to add to your daily vocabulary.


    lost their ideals, illusions or beliefs about something


    in a state of excited excitement, tremors


    Work of little or no value done solely to maintain or appear employed


    Exceed, exceed or go beyond normal limits


    cannot be put into words or described


    have keen intellectual discernment and judgment


    using more words than necessary to express an idea

    fancy word for boredom

    Learn English vocabulary: INDELIBLE meaning (big words to sound smart!)

    To try:Boredom.You've probably heard this word before, but maybe you never knew how to use it in everyday conversations. I wanted to fix this right away! To useboredomwhen you want to disguise your apathy resulting from boredom or dissatisfaction in a more chic way. I was almost bored last week.

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    One of its peculiarities

    Idiosyncrasy means a habit or behavior associated with a specific person or place. It happens when you see a specific feature that reminds you of a specific place or person you know. This word is commonly used to describe very distinctive or distinctive behavior.


    Nutella pizza? You wouldn't believe me if I told you that this is just one of their quirks when it comes to food.

    Fancy word for finely detailed

    To try:grainy. This word alludes to the smallest details of small particles and can help describe a meticulous level of detail in your own work, thinking or planning. If you literally thought of everything, then you got granular with your thinking! you can guessthe most abused word in the english language?

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    Smart English words to use at work right now

    10.07.2019 |extended vocabulary,business english,top 10 lessons

    Do you want to sound confident and professional when speaking in English with your boss, colleagues, and co-workers? I have 10 words to help you with that.

    Today you will learn 10 smart English words that will make you sound professional, smart and positive. It's an easy way to be more impressive at work. Just a few small changes can have a big impact. Who wouldn't?

    So let's find out exactly what they are. You will also receive examples of how to use them.

    Stay tuned until the end for my special tip about an English word you DEFINITELY want to avoid.

    10 smart English words for advanced vocabulary at work.

    Lessons from Annemarie

    Great words for creative writing

    Big words to sound smart - (3)

    The main difference between academic andcreative writingit's, well, the creativity involved. Maybe you want a specific number of syllables. You may want to create or maintain a rhyme scheme.assonanceorconsonance. Having the right words, big and small, can help you develop your creative writing skills.

    a loud and harsh tonal dissonance

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    You can't measure it

    Here is the following:immeasurable. This is a fake friend in spanish and english! Inconmensurable means in English,more or less, without basis for comparison.

    But in Spanish it refers to something that cannot be measured due to its size! How much gratitude I feel for everyone who subscribed to our channel.

    If I were simple and mean, I would say:

    • My gratitude to you is immeasurable.

    But let's be chic:

    • My thanks go out to youimmeasurable.

    Fancy word to unite

    To try:confluence. Use this word when talking about a meeting, a group of ideas, or a gathering of people in a meeting. For example, a conference may involve a confluence of ideas. However, it is also often used to describe streams or rivers that come together in nature. Whileconfluencedid not create this list30 most beautiful words in the English language, is certainly the number 31.

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    They imply insecurity and lack

    In other words, I think using big words and jargon means you feel insecure about your intelligence and upbringing. Practice makes you look needy.

    As much as I don't want people to see me as unintelligent and uneducated, I would choose them over people who see me as insecure or needy.

    What quality do people avoid more than they need? Do you want to repel people?

    I recommend favoring regular words. Communicate your ideas and their importance, not your insecurities and needs.

    Phrases that make you sound smart

    Big words that make you sound smart

    Did you know that even without a degree, confidence can help you succeed in business?

    According toHarvard Business Review, the best way to become confident is to do things that you are not confident in.

    And one of those practices is adding more to your vocabulary and conversational phrases.

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