Assassin's Creed Origins Guide: Cheat Codes, Collectible Locations, Legendary Weapons, Crafting & More (2023)

Tthat's the good newsAssassin's Creed OriginsIt's a good game. It released after the franchise took a rare year off, and while it could use some polishing, it's a great return to form for Ubisoft's troubled flagship action-adventure franchise.

Besides the fact that the action-adventure moniker isn't exactly the best anymore, you'll see, when it came around,assassin's Creedhas been transformed into a full action RPG, and that's whatoriginsIt is. A massive, systemic open world that gives players the kind of emergent experiences that previous games haven't had, as well as the origins (duh) of the series' mythos.

Of course, it's also an incredibly big game, but that's why we're here to help. In this guide we will help you find all the locations and solutions for Papyrus Puzzles, Tombs and Hermits. We also take a look at the pinnacle of the game, along with legendary weapons, powerful armor/outfits, and shields. Then we also take a look at how to farm fast and earn gold coins/money, level up faster and unlock skill points, XP (experience points), cheat codes and cheats for unlimited health, infinite skills, materials Craft, get gold coins and money.

And last but not least, we also take a look at how you can unlock some of the achievements and trophies.

So let's get started?


A Ubisoft game, specifically a Ubisoftassassin's CreedThe game wouldn't be complete if it wasn't packed with open world stuff for you to complete; after all, this franchise popularized the modern style of open-world collectibles. Fortunately, side activities and collectibles are included.originsThey are better contextualized. Below are the Papyrus Puzzle locations and solutions – the video below walks you through each one.


originsit makes use of its rich environment, drawing from it to provide some extremely well-crafted side puzzles, which are themselves mini-dungeons that you stumble upon as a player in the world. The following video will walk you through all of these tombs.


There are five hermits thereoriginsfor you, which you might think is not much, but finding five in such a vast world can be exhausting. Fortunately, we are here to help you with that. The following video lists them all.


Try to make a modern open world game without towers; nowadays it is quite difficult to find one without towers. Towers as a metaphor for points of view were popularized byassassin's Creed, and they exhaust the desire to find the highest possible point and look around as far as the eye can see.

Which of course means inorigins, You want to find the highest point in the game and climb there, right? On the right. This video below will help you with that.


There are four legendary weapons that you can find in the game. Remember to level them up as you level up your character to maximize their effectiveness and damage.

(Video) Assassins Creed Origins - How to get all Helix Items in 2023 - Infinite XP Glitch + Money Glitch!

  • The Fang (sickle sword):Only available with Digital Deluxe pre-orders
    Maximum damage level per critical hit; contact poisons; Chance to OHKO lower level enemies
  • Golden Wolf (Sword):Eliminate the outsiders Phylakes
    Maximum critical rate level; damage on critical hits level 2; Heals if you kill enemies with it.
  • Smoke and mirror (arc):The Iron Ram Phylakes can drop this
    stealth damage level 3; damage on critical hits level 2; Can set enemies on fire
  • Sarissa (Speer):Kill strange Phylakes
    Massive damage from critical hits


Besides, there are also some legendary shields that you can get in the game:

  • Snakes on a poster:Deluxe Digital Booking
    level 3 adrenaline in stop; Level 3 Damage Absorption
  • Compendium:about a blacksmith
    resistance to ranged attacks level 4; damage absorption level 3; cause bleeding
  • Phalangite coat of arms:loot of a blacksmith
    remote resistance level 2; level 3 adrenaline rush; poisons enemies
  • Reinforced Shield:on a forge
    damage absorption at parry level 1; remote resistance level 2; melee resistance level 4
  • Scorpion:Discovered in the open world (rare drop)
    remote resistance level 3; damage absorption at parry level 2; poisons enemies


Like many other open world games,originsalso includes a full crafting mechanic, unlikeThe Wizardobreath of the wild, you don't create potions or elixirs, you upgrade your equipment (similar to inHorizon: Zero Dawn). Here we walk you through recipes for gear upgrades.

Tool Bag Updates

  • Level 1 = 10 skins
  • Level 2 = 11 skins
  • Level 3 = 13 hides + 10 hard leather
  • Level 4 = 15 hides + 11 hard leather
  • Level 5 = 17 hides + 13 hard leather + 3 carbon crystals

Hidden Sheet Updates

  • Level 1 = 13 Bronze
  • Level 2 = 14 bronze + 9 iron
  • Level 3 = 15 Bronze + 10 Iron
  • Level 4 = 17 bronze + 11 iron
  • Level 5 = 19 bronze + 13 iron
  • Level 6 = 21 Bronze + 15 Iron + 14 Hard Leather
  • Level 7 = 23 Bronze + 17 Iron + 15 Hard Leather
  • Level 8 = 26 Bronze + 19 Iron + 16 Hard Leather
  • Level 9 = 30 Bronze + 22 Iron + 18 Hard Leather + 5 Carbon Crystal
  • Level 10 = 42 Bronze + 26 Iron + 20 Hard Leather + 5 Carbon Crystal

Quiver Upgrades

  • Level 1 = 10 cedar logs
  • Level 2 = 11 cedar logs
  • Level 3 = 13 cedar wood + 10 hides
  • Level 4 = 15 cedar wood + 11 hides
  • Level 5 = 17 cedar wood + 13 hides + 3 carbon crystals

Bracer Upgrades

  • Level 1 = 11 cedar logs
  • Level 2 = 7 hard leather + 12 cedar wood
  • Level 3 = 8 Hard Leather + 13 Cedar
  • Level 4 = 9 hard leather + 15 cedar wood
  • Level 5 = 11 Hard Leather + 17 Cedar
  • Level 6 = 13 hard leather + 19 cedar wood + 12 hides
  • Level 7 = 15 hard leather + 21 cedar wood + 13 hides
  • Level 8 = 17 hard leather + 24 cedar wood + 14 hides
  • Level 9 = 20 Hard Leather + 28 Cedar Wood + 16 Hides + 3 Carbon Crystals
  • Level 10 = 024 Hard Leather + 38 Cedar Wood + 18 Hides + 5 Carbon Crystals


  • Level 1 = 5 Soft Leather
  • Level 2 = 7 soft leather + 5 hard leather
  • Level 3 = 8 soft leather + 6 hard leather
  • Level 4 = 10 soft leather + 7 hard leather
  • Level 5 = 12 Soft Leather + 9 Hard Leather
  • Level 6 = 14 soft leather + 11 hard leather + 7 hides
  • Level 7 = 16 soft leather + 13 hard leather + 8 hides
  • Level 8 = 19 soft leather + 15 hard leather + 9 hides
  • Level 9 = 23 Soft Leather + 18 Hard Leather + 11 Hides + 3 Carbon Crystals
  • Level 10 = 28 Soft Leather + 22 Hard Leather + 13 Hides + 5 Coal Crystals

Stabilizer Gloves Upgrades

  • Level 1 = 11 Soft Leather
  • Level 2 = 12 Soft Leather + 7 Bronze
  • Level 3 = 13 Soft Leather + 8 Bronze
  • Level 4 = 15 Soft Leather + 9 Bronze
  • Level 5 = 17 Soft Leather + 11 Bronze
  • Level 6 = 19 Soft Leather + 13 Bronze + 12 Iron
  • Level 7 = 21 Soft Leather + 15 Bronze + 13 Iron
  • Level 8 = 24 Soft Leather + 17 Bronze + 14 Iron
  • Level 9 = 28 Soft Leather + 20 Bronze + 16 Iron + 3 Carbon Crystal
  • Level 10 = 38 Soft Leather + 24 Bronze + 18 Iron + 5 Carbon Crystal

How to earn money and farm coins faster:

Assassin's Creed Originsit has a surprisingly fully functioning economy. Earning money is paramount so that you can access everything the game has to offer. So let us tell you how to stay on top of making money:

  • complete missions. This includes main quests, yes, but also side quests. This should go without saying, but missions have money rewards and are the fastest way to earn a lot of money.
  • Explore the world - go to the tombs, solve puzzles, interact with everything - most things lend themselvessomeMoney as loot, so you can accumulate some gold this way.
  • Hunt. Even if you don't need any materials, you can still sell them and make money from them.
  • Invest in the seller's advantage. Expand the money you earn.
  • Participate in side activities, including races, which can earn you money.a lotmoney if you stay with them.

To level up faster, earn XP (experience points) and unlock skills quickly:

Assassin's Creed Originsit's a full action RPG, which means you need to be on top of things in terms of your level, and you gain levels by earning XP, which in turn means you need to find ways to earn XP as quickly as possible. In this section, we have listed some general tips and tricks for you.

  • Side Quests: Do these. You deserve itmostXP for completing missions, and story missions will only take you so far. Find side quests in the world and participate in them. This is how you earn the most XP
  • Explore the map! You earn XP by finding new locations
  • be secret! Stealth kills grant more XP than normal kills
  • Get headshots! Again bonus XP for these kills
  • Invest in perks that increase XP gain and do it as soon as possible


There are many different outfits that you can find Bayek inorigins- and in this section we list how to get them all.

  • Bath towel: Complete the mission:Murder Eudoro
  • black hood: Complete the Medjay quest "The Booty of Phylakes".
  • SachmetAtuendoMission: Complete Mission: The Feast
  • SchutzMission: Complete Mission: Narrow the List
  • Ezios Outfit: About Uplay (sigh)
  • Mummy: Uplay (all the best ones are locked behind Uplay...)
  • beetle soldier: Uplay (what did I say?)
  • mario roman: Kill the Seleucid in the Cyrene gladiatorial arena
  • roman hunter: Kill the duelist in the Cyrene Gladiator Arena
  • armor is: Activate the last ancient mechanism by completing all the stone circles
  • shaman: Defeat the war elephant Herwennfer
  • Coastal Empire Dress: About the tailor
  • Engai Na-nyokie: About the tailor
  • Engai Narok: About the tailor
  • egyptian hedj: About the tailor
  • egyptian irtyu: About the tailor
  • masai warrior: About the tailor
  • commander lost: About the tailor
  • Persian guard: About the tailor
  • persian prince: About the tailor
  • Marodeur-Chef: About the tailor
  • Prowler's Robe: About the tailor
  • savannah prowler: About the tailor

Cheat Codes and Cheats: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Skill Points, Crafting Materials, Gold Coins, and Money

Before we continue, let's get one thing out of the way. Use this at your own discretion. Let's start with the basics: if you're on the PC version, you can download a cheat table. You can download itHere. The following videos show the effects of obtaining gold and materials using the game's cheat engine.

(Video) Infinite HEKA CHEST & Money Farm- AC Origins


Win them all!
Earn all trophies.

I'm legend
Only be equipped with legendary equipment.

I have finished studying
Activate a master ability.

excessive heating
Witness the rain of insects in the desert.

For the dying...
Complete all arena events in the Crocodilopolis arena.

Defeat an Arena Boss with an Overpower attack.

Win the first Hippodrome tournament.

anger in the street
Destroy an opponent in a racetrack race.

The harder they fall
Defeat the war elephants Qetesh and Resheph.

Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

the arrow whisperer
Kill an enemy with the Predator Bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow.

words of wisdom
Complete all hermit locations.

circle of life
Feed a carcass to a predator.

(Video) Assassin's Creed: Origins - Easiest way to get Resources (Pelt, Wood, Bronze, etc)

shadow of egypt
Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.

I know my country
Defog the entire map.

Hunters of the Lost Tomb
Complete a grave.

I can see my house from here!
Reach the "Top of the World" in the Black Desert area.

instalation date
Take a tame lion to a crocodile.

Take 1 photo in 5 different areas.

Kill a level 35+ poisoned enemy with the torch in under 30 seconds.

goalkeeper of the month
Kill an enemy with an airborne headshot using the bow.

Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at the oil flasks.

driver's license
Use all types of vehicles at least once.

old habits
Complete all locations.

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Sell ​​100 pieces of jewelry at a time.

You still need 8880…
Reach level 20.

Complete all 12 stone circles.

master diver
Complete 15 underwater locations.

(Video) Assassin's Creed Origins Tips FREE LEGENDARY WEAPONS & Interesting Money Farm Spot (AC Origins Money

challenge authority
Defeat a Phylakes.

mantenance staff
Factory 20 items.

Tame a lion

First steps
Complete the prologue.

i'm just beginning
Complete the main quest "Aya".

The sea
Complete the main quest for Pompey the Great.

the beetle
Complete the main quest "The Beetle's Lies".

Complete the main mission "The Hyena".

The crocodile
Complete the main quest "The Crocodile's Jaws".

The alligator
Complete the main mission "The face of the lizard".

The siege
Complete the main mission "The Aftermath".

Wake up!
Complete the main quest dream sequence.

We almost arrive
Complete the main mission "The Last Weighing".

The end
Complete the last main mission.

seven pawns
Complete the "Seven Farmers" side quest.

Complete the Lady of Slaughter side quest.

Destroy 100 breakable objects.

Where is my black flag?
Defeat 8 ship captains.

free as a bird
Use the eagle for a total of 30 minutes.

Swim 1500m, bike 40km and run 10km.

(Video) Assassin's Creed Origin's: How to cheat and get unlimited Legendary Weapons and Outfits

Run for your life!
Escape from 3 fights with a hippo.

Elementary school, my dear Bayek
Solve a papyrus puzzle.

Use Dawn & Dusk to speed up time forward 30 times.


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