70 Great Quotes About Expectations And Disappointments (LIFE) (2023)

Here are great expectations quotes you will need in life.

As much as you've been warned, it's almost impossible to live without a single expectation. People like to say that expectations are the root of all unhappiness.They can be when you are setting yourself up for failure. The truth is we find expectation in everything. We look forward to the sun every morning. It's not something we consciously think about. It's an expectation so ingrained in our way of life that it's almost impossible to live without "knowing" that the sun will rise tomorrow.

To keep things simple, here's more information on how to keep a healthy balance with your expectations. So here are 70 of the best quotes about expectations and their powers.

quotes forunderstand how to have healthy expectations

Expectations may be an integral part of our existence, but that doesn't mean we always have realistic expectations. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we have a specific plan in mind. We carry this plan through to the end and work out what is supposed to be the best course of action, however. The A and B that leads us to C. We have repeated this over and over in our minds that we can no longer see any other possible outcome.

So when something doesn't go as planned, the feelings we feel afterwards are directly related to how unrealistic our expectation was for that particular situation.

One of the easiest ways to always maintain realistic and healthy expectations is to do things that always keep you in the present moment. The more present you are, the easier it is to give in to the natural ebb and flow of the universe.

Not only that, but constantly remind yourself that you are not in control. Even if you are the CEO of every other aspect of your life, understand and remember that you can only see it from your perspective. Sometimes other things come into play that you can't see. Sometimes people and events surprise you.

When you can see the world as it is and know that you are such a small factor in the greater abyss, it becomes easier to lower your expectation that everything will work out in your favor.

The same applies to self-expectations. You cannot always exceed set expectations. While this will help you achieve your goals, you must also remember to trust the ebb and flow of yourself within the universe. As long as you continuously work to improve and learn, you will achieve your goals.

Motivational quotes about exceeding expectations in life

"In order to exceed the expectations of others, we must first raise expectations of ourselves." - Robin Krahe

It's impossible to know what other people think. Focus on raising the expectations you have of yourself and you'll see what people think. They won't be able to help but tell you how proud they are of you.

Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends, and loyalty begins.” -Ron Kaufmann

Think about it. If your boss has expectations of you at work and you are inclined to exceed them, that inclination comes from your loyalty to the company and your boss. The same goes for loved ones. When they see you exceeding expectations, they are more likely to continue to root for you and have faith in where you are going.

"There is no direct route to success other than exceeding expectations day in and day out." - Robin Krahe

Keep an eye on the price. You will bypass all distractions and go straight to your goals.

"Do what you promised. keep your word It exceeds expectations.” -Gail Martin

This is the recipe for being a good person.

"Tell yourself often: I will accomplish my goals with the passion and dedication necessary to exceed even my expectations." - Lorii Myers

Starting the day with affirmations is a great way to get your brain into a productive mindset right from the start. Every time I say it out loud, I'm visibly excited and motivated to get started.

"A person who feels valued will always achieve more than expected." -Anonymous

Relationships - of any kind - all have a natural give and take. When we do more to focus directly on making someone feel valued, they are likely to give more to the relationship as well. We all know hard work when we see it. So when we're recognized for our own hard work, we usually want to continue to meet or exceed that standard.

"No traffic jams on the extra mile." - Roger Staubach

This one is great because when you think about it, how many people would actually choose to drive that extra mile on their way home every night? Not many, let me tell you. Putting that extra effort to achieve your dreams and succeed will be extremely beneficial to you in the end. Few people have the dedication to consistently go the extra mile in their pursuit of success.

"Always deliver more than expected." -Larry Page

As simple as that.

"If you want to stand out, stop meeting expectations, start exceeding them." -Saji Ijiyemi

The exception are those who don't stop when the job is done. They stop when they're done.

"Often, the shortest route to exceeding expectations is not to meet expectations." - Cunningham County

The road to exceeding expectations might even be the longer of the two! But it will lead you to the final destination sooner.

"Exceed all expectations, especially yours." -Anonymous

Remember not to be too hard on yourself, instead focus on exceeding your own realistic expectations before focusing on others.

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"Getting into the flow of abundance begins when exceeding expectations becomes a way of life." - Robin Krähe

Those who naturally want to exceed expectations are drawn to abundance. They will be gifted for all the energy they are constantly putting into things.

"It's easy. Go beyond that and you will stand out from the crowd.” - Robin Krahe

Also during this time, queue up all the haters.

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." -Albert Einstein

Never lose the hunger to learn and to test the limits.

expectations of othersquotes

"I am not in this world to meet your expectations, and you are not in this world to meet mine." -Bruce Lee

Simply put, keep an eye on your own race because that's all that really matters.

"Placing our expectations on others is a habit that leaves us frustrated. It decreases the amount of love we feel.” -Jude Bijou

Focusing on expectations often leads to judgment when things don't meet those expectations. This is how one person gets angry at the other.

"I have no responsibility to live up to what others expect of me. It's their fault, not my fault.” -Richard Feynmann

At the end of the day, any limiting expectations are often manifestations of how the person sees themselves.

"If you accept the expectations of others, especially the negative ones, you will never change the outcome." -Michael Jordan

Don't let people get inside your head. Some people will try to knock you down on purpose. don't let her

“Expect more from yourself than from others. Because the expectations of others hurt a lot, while the expectations of yourself inspire a lot. That's life." -Anonymous

You probably know that feeling of having the pressure of someone else's expectations on your shoulders. Expectations from other people can be harmful. Focus on yourself and your own expectations and you will be much happier.

"Freeing ourselves from the expectations of others, giving ourselves back to ourselves - therein lies the great and unique power of self-respect." - Joan Didion

Have the strength and confidence to put yourself first. Always.

"Everyone seems to have a clear idea of ​​how other people should live their lives, but none of their own." -Paulo Coelho

If that's not true, I don't know what is. Especially in the age of social media. The next time you find yourself raising expectations of someone else, first try to see how you can redirect those expectations for yourself. Most of the time you will find that they all apply to your life and are usually your insecurities.

"Our expectations of ourselves must be greater than our expectations of others." -Victor Manuel Rivera

Otherwise, you could become the victim of excessive criticism.

"Don't shrink to meet the expectations of others, grow to become who you want to be." - Kris Carr

Sometimes the bar is embarrassingly low. Instead of hiding parts of yourself to meet the expectations of others, see how far you can exceed them.

"There is no joy in following other people's expectations of you." -Miriam Toews

Don't allow yourself to succumb to him. Only you can see things from your perspective. You have to fulfill your dreams, longings and self-expectations yourself. Only you know what's best for you, regardless of how someone presents themselves.

"Don't base your life on other people's expectations." -Anonymous

It's your life, not hers.

"The expectations that others have of us help us formulate our expectations of ourselves." -Wes Moore

I like this quote because it can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. Regardless, expectations carry an incredible weight in our lives. Therefore, it is important that you know what you want, even if it is consistent with what others are saying and feeling. Avoid following anyone blindly at all costs.

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"Don't let the expectations of others dictate the course of your life." -Julianne Donaldson

Distractions are poison for goal achievement. As you try to fulfill your dreams, other people's thoughts and expectations are likely to become more negative. Remember that whether expectations are positively or negatively affecting your life, it is best to listen to yourself first. Only you know the direction you want to take with your life.

"Follow the path of your dreams, not the path of others' expectations." -Anonymous

The road may seem faster and easier, but it's not as rewarding or pretty to look at.

inspiringQuotes about expectations in relationships

"Don't blame people for letting you down. Blame yourself for expecting too much from them.” -Anonymous

It's not her fault that you kept your expectations out of her reach.

“Learn to love unconditionally. Speak without malicious intent. Enter for no reason. And above all, to take care of people without expectations.” -Anonymous

This is the best way to live a guilt-free life.

"To truly love, we must accept others as they are, without expectations." -Anonymous

Letting go of expectations is the best thing you can do in a relationship. If you feel like your partner is constantly setting their expectations of you, first look at what you are doing. You could do the same.

"The moment you lower your expectations marks the beginning of the end of your relationship." -Anonymous

Never compromise your wants and needs in a relationship. Once you start dimming your lights and not being fully yourself, the relationship suffers.

"You know what we all do wrong when we fall in love? We expect. And that ruins everything.” -Anonymous

Setting expectations at any point in a relationship will cause problems, but especially in the beginning. A new love can make you expect things from your partner that they would never do. This is a recipe for disaster.

"Two things can destroy any relationship: unrealistic expectations and poor communication." -Anonymous

Enough said.

"Failed relationships are not meant to encourage us to lower our expectations, but to raise our standards." -Anonymous

Figure out what you want before you get into a relationship. So don't compromise on those wants and needs for others.

"Who hurt you? My own expectations. - Anonymous

This can be understood in many ways, but as far as a relationship goes I am thinking of someone who has just ended a relationship and an acquaintance is asking the question. It is true that if you have unrealistic expectations and force them on your partner, the relationship is unlikely to last. Nobody likes to feel pressured to behave a certain way just to make someone else happy. Communicating openly about your expectations is the best way to see if the person is right for you.

"People say, 'Don't expect anything in return. But the truth is, when you truly love someone, you naturally expect some affection and love from them.” -Anonymous

It's hard not to expect some things from someone you love. Even something as small as a kiss goodbye when they go to work. Trying to limit the number of expectations you have will help the relationship. Also, talk to your loved ones about the things you look forward to and be honest with them.

"Leaving a failed relationship is not as difficult as holding on to unrealistic expectations." -Anonymous

If breaking up with someone is the right thing to do, don't let your fears sway you. Getting over someone is much easier than suffering with unrealistic expectations throughout your life.

"Expectations often destroy relationships and take away the natural taste, aroma, wonder factor and spontaneity of our daily lives." -Anonymous

Allow people to be exactly who they are, flaws and all. This way you are likely to see more beauty in life.

“Expectations ruin many relationships. understanding, let them be together forever. Choose wisely." -Abhinav Kaushik

Expectations can only survive in a relationship if they are discussed and mutually agreed upon.

"Silent expectations destroy relationships." -Anonymous

Communication is everything to relationships, especially when it comes to the things you expect from your partner. You have to be open and honest, otherwise you will never be happy in the relationship.

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“Expectations destroy relationships. Our biggest mistake in relationships is that we expect too much from our partners and want them to behave and do the way we want them to. But that's not right. Today I learned that everyone has their own way of seeing things. It's all a matter of perception. Don't expect anything from anyone. Everyone has the right to do what they believe to be right. Give them the freedom to make their choices.” -Nishant Mohan

This quote is everything. No comment required.

expectations and disappointmentsquotes

“Remember, all frustration is based on unfulfilled expectations. If we didn't expect anything, we wouldn't be frustrated.” - John Lund

Sometimes it's hard not to get your hopes up. The most important thing is to remember that the frustration you're feeling is only because you set expectations in the first place. There's no point in getting frustrated with other people, especially if they weren't aware of your expectations in the first place.

"The greatest unhappiness a person can experience in life is unfulfilled expectations." -Laura Lee Guhrke

This may seem like an over-generalization, but keep this in mindQuote makes it so much easier to stay peaceful and happyin all situations.

“Expectation breeds frustration. It's an unhealthy attachment to people, things, and outcomes that we'd like to control; but don't do that. - Dr. Steve Maraboli

The more you can let go of this attachment, the easier it will be to accept the things that come in and out of your life.

"Expectation is the root of all suffering." - William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare put it best.

"Expectations are willful resentments." -Anonymous

Read that again.

"Don't blame people for letting you down. Blame yourself for expecting too much from them.” -Anonymous

Bingo. The only person you can blame for unmet expectations is yourself. Even if you communicate those expectations, at the end of the day they will still be yours.

"Never idealize others. You will never live up to your expectations.” -Leo Buscaglia

Remember that people are not perfect. No one can live up to unrealistic expectations. Never put anyone on a pedestal.

"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he will never be disappointed." -Alexander Papst

Sometimes life is better when you sit back and watch it happen.

“Disappointments are the result of disappointed expectations. To experience fewer disappointments, expect less from others or demand more from yourself.” -Anonymous

Be careful not to push yourself too hard. This can backfire and cause just as much - if not more - heartache.

"Never get too attached to anyone, because attachment breeds expectations and expectations breed disappointment." -Anonymous

Don't turn away from people either. As the Beatles say, let it be. The things that are meant for you will definitely come into your life. And the things that don't go away. At the end of the day, you're always right where you're supposed to be.

"There are only two ways to be disappointed: wrong person or wrong expectation." -Anonymous

Don't be afraid to review your own expectations to make sure they are still realistic. Things are always changing, so chances are some of your expectations need updating as well.

"Life offers far fewer disappointments when your expectations are low." -Brad Meltzer

Live happy. Live without expectations.

"If you learn to accept rather than expect, you will experience fewer disappointments." -Anonymous

Ultimate acceptance that you are just a small part of a larger concept can help you cope with some of life's smaller and more trivial disappointments.

"Disappointment is a kind of bankruptcy - the bankruptcy of a soul that spends too much on hope and expectation." - Eric Hoffer

Don't deprive yourself of a life, but don't lower your expectations either! The expectations that matter most to you will ultimately shape your entire life. Choose wise.

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unrealistic expectationsthis will change your life

"Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do a lot for them." -Anonymous

This is sometimes one of the hardest lessons to learn, but not everyone is willing to do for you what you want to do for them.

"Unrealistic expectations are often the seed of bitter stuffed emotions." - Lysa Terkeurst

Your emotional breakdowns may be a direct result of unrealistic expectations.

"There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality or lower your expectations." - Jodi Picoult

Sometimes our expectations are a little too high, even for ourselves. If you keep wanting the life you want, you will miss the beauty of the life you have.

“False hopes and unrealistic expectations inevitably lead to disillusionment. Be happy with the little things life allows us to enjoy the moment that arises.” -Erik Pevernagie

It's really the little things. You know?

"Psychiatrists say unrealistic expectations lead to depression, but why else are we living if we're not dreaming? Any expectation is unrealistic until, through inspiration, hard work and perseverance, it becomes a spectacular reality.” -Stewart Stafford

This quote takes things a bit in the other direction! Stewart Stafford wants us all to dream as big as possible. Reach for the stars because all dreams are ridiculous until they come true. Just don't blame others if you end up disappointed...that's all.

“Unrealistic expectations can keep us from enjoying a meal, a relationship, or the space that God has given us. Settings are powerful. They can break your spirit or make your day. The good news is that it only takes a little inner adjustment to change one. When we share a meal with someone we love, what we have on our plate is not the main course.” -Jeanette Levellie

Thank you, Jeanette Levellie. Thanks.

"Unrealistic expectations of how things should be keep us from being content with what is." -Anonymous

Keep an eye out for the prize, but don't forget to check it out along the way!

"Unrealistic expectations often lead to disappointment, while simple, unbiased attention and detachment from the outcome often lead to pleasant surprises." -Gary Hopkins

Be motivated to achieve your goals without committing yourself to them. This is a difficult but useful life lesson.

"When we set ourselves unrealistic expectations, it's natural to set them on everyone else." -Jen Hutmacher

If you find yourself forcing your opinion on others, try to assess where it is coming from. There's a chance you're expecting too much of yourself.

"If you're trying to fit a 100-watt lightbulb into a lightbulb that only supports 40, don't blame the lightbulb." -Chad Everett

Don't blame the lamp either. this is with you

"Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a reflection of our attitudes and expectations." -Earl Nachtigall

Letting go of your attachment to expectations will bring brighter and happier things into your life.

“Keep it simple and don't have unrealistic expectations. Because it hinders you!” -Manjuscha

As they say in undergraduate journalism, “KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!” Life is better this way.

“Nothing in nature blooms all year round. So don't expect that you will too. -Anonymous

Be nice to yourself and you'll find it easier to be nice to the world around you. Life is too short to take it too seriously anyway.

"Remember, there are no unrealistic goals - only unrealistic deadlines." -Donald Trump

Donald Trump may have made something up about it.


It can sometimes be difficult to maintain healthy and realistic expectations. Anyone who has too high expectations of themselves or those around them only causes more stress in the end. Read these 70 quotes about anticipation whenever you need a reminder or a boost. They tend to ignite people's motivation!

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